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Fred Bollaci has been practicing law in Florida since 2002 and has helped numerous clients construct estate plans that provide themselves and their families with sound legal strategy and added peace of mind.

As a both an experienced attorney and licensed Real Estate Broker Associate in Florida, Fred has helped many clients move within Florida, and relocate to the Sunshine State by finding their dream home and assisting them in establishing Florida residency and getting their Florida affairs in order, as anyone who owns property in Florida should have Florida estate planning documents, which typically include a Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will, and Designation of Healthcare Surrogate, and in many cases warrant setting up one or more Trusts.

The above documents deal with whom you want to leave any real or personal property to, whom will serve to administer and distribute such property, whom you would want to have make legal decisions (such as pay your bills and handle your financial affairs) in the event you are incapacitated, a formal, legally binding statement of your healthcare wishes and whom you would want to have make important healthcare decisions in the event you are unable, and more. In fact, anyone over the legal age of 18 should have a proper set of legal documents that formally express their wishes. 

Crafting and executing these documents properly requires skill and knowledge that only a Florida Trusts and Estates attorney can provide. There are special requirements and nuances in Florida law that may render out of state documents or anything clients may have drafted themselves invalid. Also, if your documents were prepared years ago, laws and circumstances change. Clients are advised to review their estate plan on an annual basis to be sure their expressed wishes are consistent with any possible changes in the law or in their circumstances. A consultation with Fred Bollaci can save you and your family needless grief and expense down the road and you can rest assured your affairs are in order.

Over 10,000 people a day move to Florida, with more coming this past year than ever before to enjoy the mild year-round climate, beautiful beaches, plethora of activities, tax advantages, and freedom from oppressive COVID-19 closures and lockdowns.

There are thousands of attorneys and thousands of realtors all over our state, but few who offer personalized concierge service and attention to detail with knowledge and expertise and ability to work with both legal and real estate clients in so many of Florida’s most desirable areas. Working with Fred Bollaci will help you cut through the noise and get down to business so you can get on with enjoying the Florida lifestyle!

Fred Bollaci, who knows Florida estate planning, homestead protection, and real estate law, has lived and worked all over Florida since 1990 and is your go-to resource and will make your Florida estate planning, property search, or move as simple as possible.

Fred Bollaci offers clients access to both an experienced attorney and exclusive Buyer’s Agent with extensive knowledge and ability to show listings in key markets from Palm Beach and Boca Raton to Miami, Sarasota to Naples, Boca Grande, and Greater Tampa Bay. Working with just one person with access to all these markets and all this candid, in-depth knowledge of many areas of the state without having to consult multiple parties simplifies your new home search. The beauty of talking to Fred Bollaci is he is knowledgeable about so many areas of Florida and his #1 goal is your satisfaction, he wants you to find your place in the sun and is happy to introduce you to the best of both coasts of Florida so you can decide what is best for you!

If you consult a realtor in Naples, they want to sell you Naples, in Palm Beach, they want to sell you Palm Beach, in Sarasota, they want to sell you Sarasota. Plus, they would naturally prefer to show and to sell their own listings. With most real estate agents who deal in volume, you are a number and you get lost in the crowd.

Fred Bollaci works with a limited number of sophisticated clients at a time so he can give each client his full attention. Fred Bollaci is not about selling only certain listings or promoting just one city or area, which is typical in the industry. Fred simply wants his clients to be satisfied and to find the property and location that best suits their needs and lifestyle, whether that property is on the East or West Coast of Florida.

As a well-known influencer, lifestyle connoisseur, writer, and blogger, Fred Bollaci has his fingers on the pulse of the various areas across Florida and is an expert at helping clients find the perfect area to purchase in and move to. 

Fred Bollaci will gladly find and show you properties on both coasts of Florida, and is only interested in finding you the property and location that meets your needs rather than trying to sell his listings or promoting a particular area. Fred Bollaci works closely with local listing agents and personal contacts all over Florida, who are often aware of opportunities that are not listed in the MLS. Fred sorts through the information he finds and presents opportunities to his clients that meet their criteria so they don’t waste precious time looking at listings that aren’t suitable. 

If you are interested in learning more about different parts of Florida and seeing what’s available in each before you decide to buy, you don’t have to make multiple calls or explain your needs over and over again with Fred Bollaci. 

Fred Bollaci can also assist clients in setting up their visit to Florida and through his experience and thoughtful questions and ability to listen, he instinctively knows how and where to begin with each client.

Fred Bollaci is able to assist clients in putting together an itinerary that enables clients to best experience any areas they are interested in. Fred has relationships with great hotels and restaurants all over the state and specializes in creating experiences clients will enjoy that will better enable them to get to know a destination—from arranging a round of golf to an intimate dinner, or a preferred rate at a top hotel, Fred Bollaci has you covered! Add private travel agent to the list of perks you get by working with Fred. Exploring a new area and looking at real estate shouldn’t be a hassle. Fred Bollaci can create an experience for you as a real estate agent, tour guide, and connoisseur of the best Florida has to offer!

“We were undecided about whether we wanted to be on the East or West Coast of Florida, as we have family and friends all over the state. Fred Bollaci took the time to explain each area and encouraged us to come and spend time in each to get a taste. He met us for several days of looking, first in Palm Beach, then he accompanied us to Naples. We fell in love with the small town feel, and elegant, laid back vibe of Naples, and likely never would have bought there if we started working with an agent who just did Palm Beach. Fred was able to offer an unbiased opinion and shared knowledge of the pros and cons of each area we looked, which helped in our decision. We love our new winter home, which is a short walk to the most beautiful beach and so many great shops and restaurants. Fred Bollaci is also now our Florida attorney, and a great person to know.” -Bob, Naples, Florida

Fred Bollaci is a valuable asset to locals as well! Even if you think you know an area well, it pays to work with an agent who not only knows the area, but who is also looking out for your best interests. Most agents operate as  “Transaction Brokers,” whose job is to facilitate a transaction, these agents are supposed to act as neutral facilitators and do NOT have fiduciary duties of loyalty, confidentiality, and obedience, as their primary goal is to facilitate a transaction. With Fred Bollaci, you have access to  your own Buyer’s Agent, who is working exclusively for you. As a Buyer’s Agent, his duties of loyalty, confidentiality, and obedience will look out for your best interests. Who you work with matters, and it pays to work with Fred.

With Fred Bollaci you are so much more than a transaction. Fred Bollaci prides himself on building relationships with clients who appreciate his attention to detail and concern for his clients. The biggest compliment is your satisfaction and recommendation to friends, family, and colleagues.

”I was looking to purchase a turn key condo somewhere near the beach in South Florida from Jupiter to Fort Lauderdale and was overwhelmed by all the listings online and felt like most agents I reached out to were overly aggressive in just wanting to sell me something and not at all interested in learning about me or what I wanted. I was referred to Fred Bollaci who took time to listen to me and learn what I was looking for and what I didn’t want. We spoke and reviewed available properties for several months and I decided it was time to look in person. Fred found a place through his contacts that was not on the market but the owners were planning on listing soon. We saw it, it was the ideal space in an ideal place, steps from the beach and Delray’s Atlantic Avenue! I love my new home! Thank you, Fred!” -Marilyn, Delray Beach, Florida

Whether you are a native or longtime Floridian, a “Snowbird,” a recent transplant, or are looking to relocate to the Sunshine State, Fred can help you with your estate planning needs and finding your dream home! 

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